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Super Powers Colored Big Figs Colossal Gotham Guardian 48" holding SP Batman

I recently picked up Jakks Super Powers colored Big Figs 48" inch tall Batman with the light-up Bat-Signal on his chest. Check out these photos with the 48" Batman holding my original 1984 Super Powers 4.75" Batman:


ImageIMG_0852 by nyangis1

Here's the 48" with the Bat-Signal on his chest turned off:

ImageIMG_0861 by nyangis1

Here's the 48" inch with the Bat-Signal on his chest turned on:

ImageIMG_0862 by nyangis1, on Flickr

This giant Batman has five points of articulation (head, arms and hands). The blue and grey 48" tall Batman was originally selling for around $99, but you can find it at the moment for under $60 on ebay (from etoys - actually toys-r-us on ebay). The black and grey 48" version is also available, but that one is still priced higher than the blue and grey. This is a fantastic piece for your Bat-Cave and I suggest you pick one up now (even if you think you don't have room!)

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