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Otaku Super Powers Posters

Hey everybody,

Been a long while and seems like very little has been happening, so I wanted to add this little cool tidbit.

I swung by a local shop yesterday that was offering the Super Powers Otaku posters. Since they were priced at $4 per box, I figured I'd pick a few up.

A full shelf display comes with 8 boxes, and each box comes with 2 posters in it - series 1 has 16 posters, so if you purchase the entire box, you should get one of each poster.

Each box is blind, so you have no idea what you'll be getting. With that said, the first box I opened up had Batman in it, so I was pretty stoked.

The art is very clean, and the images are super bright and colorful - for $4, it was totally worth picking up!

I'd hope they come out with a series 2, though that leads me to speculate on who will be left out... The series 1 poster set doesn't offer Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Robin, Joker, or Brainiac, so I'd imagine they held back expecting (or hoping) for a series 2.

They're a bit of a funky size, but again, for $4, I can't complain.

Just another cool little thing to add to the collection I guess, but I vaguely remember somebody asking about these, so just thought I would let you guys in on my experience!

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