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Kalibak First Shot??

Can anybody help verify if this Kalibak (#1) can be considered a 'first shot' of sorts? Perhaps Mike can chime in?

Three Kalibaks are pictured here (L-R):

#1 No pegholes, dated with copyrights

#2 Pegholes, dated with copyrights (but with glue residue and remnants of glue/styrofoam)

#3 Pegholes, dated with copyrights (regular production figure for comparison)





Kalibak #1 and Kalibak #2 were purchased in a large lot of loose/baggied figures from a reputable dealer. The lot also included a few Joker and Robin first shots (no dates/copyrights) in baggies.

Has ANY first shots turned up without pegholes but with copyrights?

My previous understanding is that copyrights were usually that last stage addition just before production and the pegholes/footholes were usually done BEFORE copyrights.


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