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Marketplace Thread Title Formatting (Please Read)

Good Morning Everyone,

Some of you may have noticed edit notification text located inside
your Marketplace section threads. These edits are part of an effort I'm undertaking to make Marketplace threads easier to scan through now that more and more collectors are using the section for buying, selling, and trading. I'd like to request that members begin their Marketplace thread titles with one of the following (please include the colon after the title prefix to maintain a uniform look):

FS: used for "For Sale" threads
WTB: used for "Want to Buy" threads
FT: used for "For Trade" threads
FS/FT: used for "For Sale and Trade" threads
FA: used for "For Auction" threads advertising an eBay auction

I'd also like members to add either (SOLD), (FOUND), or (TRADED) to the end of their thread title once the thread has served it's
purpose, so that I can easily identify and lock threads that are no longer necessary. If you keep a master thread for buying or
selling that you regularly update then there is no need to include one of the thread title suffixes as I'll keep your thread open as usual.

I've already formatted all of the threads on the first page, so they can serve as examples. If members forget to add the
prefixes or suffixes to their threads, I will do so through a moderator thread edit, but would appreciate members making a
concerted effort to place them in thread titles themselves.

I developed and have used this strategy for quite a few years as part of my moderating efforts on the Rebelscum Star Wars
discussion forums and feel it's lead to a much cleaner look in the Classified sections that I oversee there in addition to making those sections more efficient to use.

Mike Mensinger

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