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Hello ! Fernando Here From Argentina , buenos aires city !

A pleasure first of all to join such a wonderful community , i had 2 robins and aquaman resqued last year from my stash of toys and i got into Super Powers Collecting Again cause i had many other but lost them with movings and such.

Ill show you my mini collection and i would love if someone can help me out with a picture or something of the inside of a lex luthor so i can really get him working he is kinda hard in his joints and action punch.

Sincerely yours Fernando.

P.S : Im trying to cast in resin my own accesories for my superpowers and such and im using smooth cast silicone rubber and liquid resin if anyone can help me out in how to make it right it would be more than appreciated cause i could do some stuff but not related to super powers figures. --Log in or sign up to see linked image content--
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