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Re: What would it take to get the Super Powers line restarted...and could WE, the fans, do it?

At least for me...
Me and my wife are sculptors (I do it for hobby, she is a true artist). I plan to cast a mold out of the original super powers figures and try 2 methods of making exact copies:
- liquid resin in soft subber mold (modern process, HOT TOYS for example), same aerograph painting method (SP original painting process using masks, handpainted details, and I have yet to figure out how they would apply the symbols, but I did found color codes for the figures colors). Same action mechanism.

- The old school, original method.
Hot PVC injection for torso, vynil for legs, arms and head, into steel molds. That's how the originals were made. To make the steel molds they would use a pantograph tracer. I don't have it, and I'm unable to have a forge in my house to work metals properly; I would love to, but not possible. So I will try ceramic molds, casted from my SP figures. The molds will prolly break after use, but they're easy to make, cheaper, and much more precise than having the steel molds done.
I feel it will be an easy project, since I don't have to sculpt anything, it will be an exact copy of an original, using the same exact method.
THEN I could start thinking about new characters...
I could make a 3D model of a character, print it with a 3D printer, use it as prototype to make a mold out of it, and then use the old school process to make the final production figure, same as the originals.
I'll post some pics once it's done.
That's MY way of restarting the line..
I cannot sell any of them since I don't have the licenses and I would get sued (I guess I could gift them tho) but I'm basically telling you exactly how to do it, and everybody could try this process..
Regarding the "real topic", getting the line properly restarted:
Like mozartpc27 pointed out, the action mechanism is prolly patented, own by hasbro nowadays, and I don't know about DC licenses: who owns them atm, can more than one company own licenses at the same time? If not: you either have the company that currently owns dc rights to make the SP line with a new/diff action mechanism (toy biz awful mechanism comes to mind), or you buy the mechanism patent from hasbro, or you wait until hasbro has dc rights.
How do you make one of these companies to make the figures is very debatable. I would suggest not only a petition with a lot of signatures, but A HEAVY, FULLY PAID, PRE-ORDER. I don't think ppl in this forum would mind that tho.
And this pre-order has to be for expensive figures, forget about 7-10 dollar figures. Times have changed, quality is long gone. Poor, cheap quality + large quantity is the new system. Long behind are the days of trusting a brand cause you knew they would make quality products, long gone are the days of trying to earn customers trust.
So if you demand they have to be made with the same plastic, the same method, same paintjob than the originals (yeah, that's what we want!) that's more expensive than "the modern" cheap way, with cheap plastic, cheap paint, etc. So I imagine a juicy pre-order.
With that, and the licensig issue sorted out (we could use some more info on that), I'm sure they would def. restart the line.
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