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My Complete Loose Super Powers Figure Collection for sale

Hey Gang,

Long time luker, first time poster. I love the site. So great to see so much info on this fantastic toyline crop up over the years!

Like many of you, I'm sure - I have fond memories of playing with these figures growing up in the 80's. I must have gotten into every major toyline of the era- even enjoying the final years of the 8 and 12 inch mego superheroes but the Super powers were always my favorite. There were one of the few lines I went out of my way to collect every single one. (though not quite all of the vehicles I recall only having the Supermobile, Lex Soar 7, Batmobile, Hall of Justice and the Delta probe One) I don't suppose there were plans for a Jokermobile too?

I vivdly remember my best friend showing me his brand new Green Lantern figure when they first hit stores and how amazed I was with the detail. My own first figures were Superman and Batman. I also remember how great the Chirstmas of 1984 was at my grandparents when I scroed a Batmobile, Supermobile, A Wonder Woman and Flash to complete my figures (wave 1 only then) and the Hall of Justice! That thing was fantastic! I'll have to see if I can find some pictures of me playing with it... Sadly most of the playests/vehicles haven't survived but the figures have! The last major memory I have is being disappointed we only got Tyr and Samurai from the 3rd wave in my area (St. Paul, MN) so I had to bug my dad to call Kenner direct to order the rest of the figures - I think I was happiest to finally have a Shazam figure!

Anyway.... it's with a heavy heart that I have turned to ebay to sell off my figures. It's a hard thing to do but I need the space right now and the extra cash doesn't hurt.

I have all 34 figures loose in great shape with minor paint wear at most. All accessories accounted for. All backing cards (Except Flash, hawkman, Batman, Robin, Steppenwolf and Clark) and mini-comics included (except Batman and Steppenwolf).

I also have 11 doubles I'm selling in a lot as well.

I hate to break the set up so if anyone gets a jump on this and wants to make me an offer for the whole thing or even a grouping of them e-mail me and let me know.

Here's a link to some of the ebay listings

11 doubles:




Mister Miracle

Golden Pharoah


You can find the rest

plus other toys I'm selling.


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